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Wye Weight to make a change

Wye Weight is a zero waste food shop based in Monmouth, South Wales, providing customers a chance to do almost their entire household shopping without the need for disposable packaging whilst at the same time supporting small local producers and British business too.

The shop, planned for spring opening at the lower end of Monnow Street, will have a wide variety of goods. From dried foods to fresh produce, oils and vinegars, nuts and cereals, cleaning products and shampoo. You can buy as much or as little as you want, in store or online service.

Alongside providing a range of waste free food, Wye Weight is putting a strong focus on buying local produce wherever possible.

A visit to the shop itself is simple to navigate. You can bring your own containers, or we can provide them. You weigh your empty container and then fill it from a range of foods in gravity dispensers and scoop bins. You then weigh the full containers again to see how much you are buying!

The approach to shopping is perfect for those watching the pennies or buying in bulk as customers can choose the exact quantity needed instead of being regulated by supermarkets pre-determined quantities.